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Sudan the last Northern White Rhino


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It is sad to see how far Human kind can go in order to satisfy its need for profit, vanity, and ego. I have written several times of how Mother Nature has been abused in the last century. Planet Earth was still pretty healthy until the turn of the 20th Century when human encroachment, industrial expansion and the need to be more profitable at the expense of others and mother nature,  became the norm.

Unfortunately, with this behavior, our values as citizens of the world and the planet’s resources started a downward spiral that has reached a point that if it to continue could be the end of the world as we know it. We are suffering from pollution and climate change, ocean acidification, over fishing that has depleted the oceans stock creating specie imbalance, and the list goes on. With this trend we may continue to lose many more species and even the human race may become a sick and depleted specie. This is going to force humans to propel themselves into the galaxy and seek other inhabitable planets because our own may not be able to sustain life anymore.

Many of these problems could be fixed, but this change requires major agreement between nations and the few richest individuals and groups that control the world’s economy. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case as I mentioned in the opening line of this post.  Another major factor is population growth. How many inhabitants can this planet support? It is definitely a finite number of people and not just an infinite situation, there are not just enough resources.

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On this post, I want to feature a unique case of specie extinction and that has been well covered: the story of “Sudan” the last male Northern White Rhino. He is considered a rock star because of his situation and that of his specie. He is visited by 40,000 people every year. People cry when visiting him from the fact he is the last one and the vibe emanating from the scene that he is the last of a magnificent specie predated by human kind. His scene involves a personal caretaker named James Mwenda that pampers him like an important retired citizen, he has a nice suite to rest and hang out and body guards that protect him constantly. He is unable to mate because of his advanced age and perhaps of having had a traumatizing experienced went sent to a Czech Zoo ans spending most of his life there. Currently scientists are trying to reproduce the specie in vitro with the last two females also in the camp, but so far with no success.

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This sad story is the same for other species as well, but perhaps not at this critical stage. It all began in the 1970’s when animals from the African Savannah were picked and transported to Europe, the U.S. and other parts of the world to Zoo’s.  After that came the commercial value of elephant tusks, rhino horns, and other exotic creatures just to satisfy human egos. This two simple reasons are mainly the culprits for this extermination- exacerbated by war, civil turmoil and poverty in the Black Continent.

There are some successful conservation efforts currently in some parks around the world and Safaris that used to hunt animals, they now shoot photos instead. But as of today poaching continues because of supply and demand. There is still a tremendous lack of will to address this and many other world problems. What is it going to take? Can’t humans find another way to satisfy their greed or profit for Christs sake?

On the other hand, some people say that the planet has never been in a better situation when considering life expectancy, quality of life, medical care, technological advances, etc.

“I guess it just depends how you look at things”


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Dreaming the World

The weather is turning warm again with some forecasts for temperatures next week to approach 60F. It is also likely to be a wet period, with rain instead of snow. Some forecasters fear the warmth might stretch on for several weeks.  All of this portends flooding as we quickly lose our snow pack. The snow pack is very important as the slow melting of the snow in spring recharges our lakes, streams, and aquifer.

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50 Year Anniversary Summer of Love


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This year commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love movement in San Francisco, California. This movement originates when the young people of California and the United States start questioning the status-quo of social inequality, freedom of speech, consumerism, Vietnam War,  youth rights and liberty, and the right to do as I please.

The movement initiates late 1966, by January 1967 the original influencers gathered in Golden Gate Park on a beautiful sunny day and everything indicated that there was a revolution brewing the sorts that no one had ever seen. City officials, California government and the Haight/Ashbury community had to brace for impact and new there was no turning back to what was about to happen by summer’s time.  And, that’s exactly what happened. Over one hundred thousand youngsters arrived in masses starting summer time on school break.

The rest is history and well depicted in this documentary. Peace and enjoy


Source: KQED PBS