Definitely the world is getting more uncertain with the surge of terrorist groups, destruction of the environment, pandemics, corruption, and lack of economic growth and stability.

The surge of terrorist groups is due to radical religious ideologies, absence of organized government in many regions, and links to narco traffic-money. The situation in Syria and Iraq has gotten out control and in Iraq, one would say that for U.S interests it has been a sour end to over a decade of involvement in that country. Not because the end result of the intervention was negative which was quiet successful-not counting over 3,000 Americans dead and thousands injured- but because the official government put in place after the U.S. withdrawal has been unable to govern the country in a democratic way and unify the different ethnicities that represent the population. This, along with the critical socio-political problem in Syria, it has been an incubator to a new threat-ISIL- in the form of a hybrid terrorist group that has ended up being ruthless, aggressive, expansive and a real threat to the entire world as we know it. In just the last few months, they are only ten miles outside of Bagdad creating havoc, and control part of Iraq and part of Syria. There is genocide occurring against ethnic minorities and the area is in convulsion and there is no way of stopping this movement so far. Threats to Europe and North America are very much a reality.  This scenario is a result of many factors and not just to blame the U.S. for withdrawing its presence in the region a few years ago. The international community has finally realized the magnitude of the problem and has taken initial action of what will take many years to deal with.

Besides the air camping against ISIL, what is needed is intelligence, not U.S. boots on the ground. You can buy information with cash to complement the air strikes and a good long term strategy to defeat this plague, along with a coalition army. The entire world has to unite itself to defeat the threat. Here in the U.S. Law enforcement hast to be on alert and work in tandem with each other to identify the individuals and plots that will want to cause harm. If these attacks are successful, they could trigger dire consequences for our way of life, just about when we are struggling to emerge from the last crisis and indicators show many positive signs that we are on the right path to economic recovery. As a token of an example when I mean on “full alert”, it blows my mind that our country with the most advanced technology in the world, how is it possible to have a mad man going over the fence in broad daylight and running inside the White House with a knife minutes after the president had left. This is incomprehensible and an embarrassment really. Not because of technology but because of peoples’ negligence.

Lack of economic growth is due in part to inequality here and around the world, according to IMF Managing Director Cristine Legarde, and I think it contributes to the violence. The world as we know it is changing. Many of the problems we are facing have an origin and we have to address them and adapt to them and evolve.

Having lived in Peru during the terrorism years of the late 80’s and early 90’s I can attest how difficult it is to have a productive country or region when you have to deal with terrorism and money laundering-mostly drug trafficking- which go hand in hand. It is a challenging proposition and something that has to be dealt with. Here in the U.S. we have individuals who sympathize with terrorist organizations and as matter of fact are travelling to combat zones and coming back potentially to cause harm. In addition, the drug cartels from south of the border operate here in the U.S. These menaces have to be controlled, it requires determination, courage, unity, and the will of all good citizens to confront the issue and demand it from our politicians. These problems are not going away and will only get worse if not addressed, we have already experienced the fury of an attack in 9/11 and most recently an attack in Boston.  In the case of Peru, President Fujimori had the courage and determination in the early 90,s to tackle terrorism and it was almost eliminated. Unfortunately, The Shining Path and drug trafficking are still alive today due to lack of leadership from current authorities to confront them and the power of $. President Fujimori is now jailed because of political vendetta and “human rights violations,” while most crooks are roaming the streets freely. Such is the price to pay of a corrupt political system.

Finally, a close friend once told me that a lot of people would want to live in the U.S. because compared to where they come from this is Disneyland. This is a great analogy, but we have way more threats now than back in the day. Sure there has always been threats like during the Great Wars, etc., but the world is more complex now. The United States is still the Promised Land and the land of opportunity, but long are the days when we used to walk in the airport terminal all the way to the gate with no controls. We can’t even bring our own H2O to the aircraft.  Our world today consists of surveillance cameras, airport checks, data risk, communication surveillance, etc., unfortunately that is the price we have to pay with technology and Homeland Security. How much surveillance is too much, well, that is another story.

Next post: “Made in USA”, on how we are making changes and adapting positively to economic challenges here in the U.S.