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Chan Chan is a Pre Columbian citadel constructed in Northern Peru by the people of Chimu, inhabited between 850 AD and 1470 AD, until the Spanish invasion. The Chimu culture inspired the image featured on this blog-Happy Circle in Business.  The culture of Chimu was the result of the fading Moche civilization which existed from 100 AD until 800 AD. Both civilizations were very advanced in many aspects of daily life.

caballitototoraThe ruin of Chan Chan is the largest adobe city in the world today. It is next to the Pacific Ocean and the town of Huanchaco, and is a must stop if visiting the Trujillo area.  Huanchaco was nominated and approved as a World Surfing Reserve because of being the Moche’s port were riding waves has been in practice for 3,000 years with the Caballito de Totora-Little Reed Horses.  There is currently controversy with the Polynesians, to whom was the first to ride waves.

Uncovered close by, The Lady of Cao and the Lord of Sipan are two amazing discoveries from these cultures.

huacoClose to the area you can also find another wonder of the world,   Chicama, the longest surfing left in the world.

Peru holds many treasures and these are just a few of them in a relatively small part of the country. Peru’s cultures are characterized for high creativity & innovation anywhere from textiles, metal transformation, irrigation technologies, and health and science- like brain trepanations among other practices.

Truly amazing treasures