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neckinjuryI’ve been pondering recently on how to deal with injuries in general. When you are an active and sports person, as you age injuries are inevitable and they seem to reoccur more often the older you get. This is the time you start questioning your ability and capacity on a certain sports activity that you are passionate about and the reality of giving it up altogether. This scenario becomes very surreal and many thoughts start racing through your mind.

I’ve had leisure time last month in which I was able to evaluate life, unlike when we are in the daily routine-the rat race as is commonly known- when life just seems to pass as by and we feel unable to do anything about it. Sure, we meditate regularly during our routine life which gives us a certain balance, but life can be overwhelming on a daily basis because of multiple obligations that keep us busy. But during this last vacation, I took a look at the big picture once again and had to accept some things that are inevitable and keep coming at you in different ways but we just have to embrace them as graceful as possible. Your initial reaction is to be mad about these physical challenges, which is very normal because we would want to be young forever and feeling the same way when we were 20, but the years go by and time waits for no one. When we have the tranquility and peace and of mind to thinks about these things, it is during this time when we naturally make a balance of life events and the aging process that’s taking place around us. It is inevitable to question life, It happens to everyone and that is the beauty of it all. If we were the only ones having doubts and physical issues, life would be miserable, but everyone travels through this journey equally and eventually we all cease to exist in the physical world as we know it. Sure, some of us age better than others depending on many factors, but in the end we all return to ashes. Life is very short in terms of galaxy years, so we have to live to the max of our capabilities.

Genes have a lot to do on what deceases and proclivities we acquire, but lifestyle and attitude towards life have a lot to do with how we age. If you look at how people age, most of the time people that have been active throughout their life age better. When you are young, sports related injuries heal fast and you are back doing what you love in no time. The problem is that as you age, injuries heal very slowly and your level of performance diminishes terribly. This is when things get complicated and doubt creeps into your mind regarding your abilities because of pain, impact on daily living, the future, and your loved ones and people that surround you.  I mention this because there are many factors that happen during this down time of physical and emotional healing and it not only affects us but the people that surround us because relations are impacted, anywhere from interaction with others-one become short tempered- to being unable to assist a parent, a spouse or a son/daughter that rely on us for physical and emotional support.  Every active person or athlete goes through this process when injured and it is something that you think about and affect you.

lumbarinjuryMy conclusion is that as you age your ability and performance will decrease no matter what. You have to start giving up some workouts and activities that are too intense or that can hurt you in a way that can really handicap you in your daily life, temporarily, or in some cases for life. This is the tricky part, knowing when it’s time to give something up and move into a more user friendly activity that will still give you that rush of excitement and the workout feeling of well-being. Unless you are an irresponsible dare devil adrenaline junkie, most people transition fine after a while of physical and psychological trauma which is part of the aging process. You just have to lower the intensity of your workouts but keep at it as long as you can because that’s what drives you forward and keeps you stocked. When you stop working out and retire from daily mental and physical activity you die. It is a fact of life. With life expectancy extending tremendously today, the resilient baby boomers are continuing to work out and practice their favorite sport well into their lives, which was unthinkable no so long ago. All of this because of better healthcare, nutrition, technology, knowhow, and determination.

So, keep on thriving and staying stocked about life.