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“Terrorism, corruption, drug cartels feed from each, the scum of this earth”



It is pretty sad to see what is going on in Syria and Iraq today, all efforts to stop ISIS in these countries have been in vain. The most recent news that they are now controlling a very large part of Iraq’s territory and specially that they have overtaken control of the city of Ramadi-only eighty miles from Bagdad- is very worrisome. The Iraqi army fled this important city despite having a larger number of troops on the ground and leaving behind equipment that the US had supplied. In addition, if you consider that in this Iraqi province 1,300 American troops lost their life during the Iraqi war, now after all the sacrifice this area has been lost to the terrorist group that recently is definitely winning the war against the civilized world. I say civilized world, because this group is a barbaric organization committing atrocious crimes which are indescribable and possess the least amount of human dignity and compassion towards life. On the other hand, in Syria they have recently captured the ancient city of Palmyra which holds 2,000 year old Roman ruins and are feared to be destroyed by the group like they have done in the past with precious objects dating thousands of years old. In other words, they are expanding their reach and the US and the regional allies are currently scrambling to see what to do next, all of this as I am writing this. Every day that goes by, the bigger the threat because of the momentum they are gaining.

isisrecruitmentThis organization is not only causing problems in this part of the world but they are recruiting and forming followers around the world with their crazy ideology through the internet. The fact of the matter is that there is a lot of unhappiness around the world because of lack of opportunity and ways of making a living. The IMF has mentioned this to be one of the main problems-income inequality- that threaten our way of life and that has been covered in this blog before. It makes sense that a small portion of people around the world are desperate enough to fall under this recruiting spell and fanatization process that takes them to delusional fantasies and idyllic worlds that don’t exist. Most people would never perform the types of crimes that we are seeing today, but the world is a very large place and there is always room for a few adepts that pose a great threat to all of us. We are seeing many episodes of this in the last few months-Canada, Belgium, US, France- and every day is a constant battle to stay ahead of these threats.

The world economy is deteriorating, China is decelerating-because of its own model flaws- Europe is stagnant and some of its members are at risk of default, the US has apparent economic health but I have a feeling that all of this sense of recovery is just a patch as if we were keeping the patient alive with medication and in life support but the real sickness is still there because the drastic necessary steps to fix the problem from its root have not been performed. There are signs everywhere that the real problems have not been addressed because there are too large and no one has the capacity or will to address them because of the political cost and everything is short term fixed. For a political candidate that is only in office for a relatively short time, what is the easiest way out, fixing the mega problems or just playing the game by making a comfortable living thanks to the tax payers money and in many cases receiving contributions from lobbyists that expect a favor in exchange. It is in the news every day. This scenario is unable to fix the mega problems as I said and the outcome of all of this can’t be good.

'You;ve laundered money for terrorists and drug cartels! Yet all we can do is fine you!'

‘You;ve laundered money for terrorists and drug cartels! Yet all we can do is fine you!’

The large banks and insurance companies that created the last crisis of 2008 are still as large, almost as unregulated as they were and no one went to prison for all the fraud and damaged created, just as an example of what goes on. The real problems have been accumulating for a long time and there is no fix in sight. There is already some turmoil here in the US in some cities and around the world, and if you add the lone wolfs fanatized by terrorist groups with destructive ideas trying to deploy terrorist acts, it seems to me that we are losing the war so far. I hope I am wrong.

The nuclear treaty that the US is trying to sign with Iran is causing some of the countries in the Middle East to start looking sideways towards the US- they are not comfortable with this scenario. I’m not judging the final product, but is certainly a dicey situation and one that really needs our utmost attention with the current scenario that looms in the neighborhood. We’ve had many international diplomatic blunders in the past and we need to make sure we are making the best effort to benefit the majority in the Middle East and the world. This treaty is coinciding with the big coalition the US has to lead to defeat ISIS as we speak, it will take a joint effort and many years to come from what I saw in yesterday’s news.

South America is looking very negative as well. Everywhere you look there are violent crimes related in many cases with huge drug trafficking issues, which translate into big corruption and democracies that are going in the wrong direction. For many years there were fears that the big cartels from Mexico and elsewhere could corrupt the system to such extent that a large part of the economy could be traced to money laundering, unfortunately the reality today is that this is very much the case. There is just too much money laundering going on and too many authorities just looking the other way because of bribes or fear. In addition, most countries right now have ties in one way or another to Venezuela which under the godfathering of Cuba, have continued their vision of forming a large great Bolivarian continent one that is not too fond of transparent democracy and financed with their oil and now with capital from dubious sources. It is actually surreal what is going on right now. Presidents that keep reelecting themselves or passing the torch to a relative, a spouse or the next in line from the party. All financed in the last decade from Caracas with massive amounts of capital flying around with no accountability and no one goes to jail unless you are the opposition. I wouldn’t generalize the situation in South America 100%, but probably more than half the countries are in this boat and the trend is not good. Finally, if you think about it, this clan of leadership is allied with countries that have ties to terrorism like Syria, Iran, Russia, North Korea and China to a lesser extent, but one that is really trying to surpass the US as the number one power and really they are not our true allies. In Venezuela’s case, most recently the ties with narco traffic has come to light which is nothing to be surprised about.

This battles require a world joint effort and will take years to solve, if ever…