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Yes and no. The fact that in some areas sharks are now protected species, have made their numbers rise considerably from a few decades back when they were killed indiscriminately. This is the principal factor for more attacks on humans as they get closer and closer to shore. On the other hand, global warming has completely altered oceans conditions and there is evidence everywhere that natural habitats are impacted as well as marine life that is migrating to new territories in search of food, thus allowing for more interaction with humans. Shark food like sea lions, seals and whales are migrating more for food in unusual patterns and in some cases their juveniles are being left behind for longer periods and closer to shores and islands, attracting sharks.

The most recently and alarming situation with shark attacks is in the Reunion Islands in the Indian Ocean of the eastern coast of South Africa. Since 2012 there have several attacks including deaths that have crippled the islands tourist economy and spirits of its people.  It is a problem that the government has yet to implement a plan to mitigate the situation.

Here in the United States attacks on the east coast are on the rise especially in Florida, “Shark Attack Capital of the World”, where attacks are a common occurrence. Most attacks on the east coast are from small sharks that cause wounds but victims survive. Two weeks ago two attacks a couple hours apart and two miles from each other in the North Carolina coast showcased an unusual event where two teen agers lost limbs. But recently great whites that have been satellite tagged up north are patrolling the waters up and down the eastern seaboard which is unusual.  I wonder what would be best, to get attacked by a great white or Tiger shark and most likely not live to tell about it, or survive an attack and live with the psychological trauma that comes with it for life. This kind of trauma won’t go away and nightmares and PTSD will be had in an ongoing basis just like a war veteran has to endure from a war injury upon returning from war.

In Australia, the situation in the west coast has gotten out of hand as well. Attacks are on the increase and the government has been forced to start eliminating some its shark population-culling program– because of societal pressure, not without having tons of controversy from conservationists and environmentalists.

megalodon-shark-scale-1In South Africa, house of the largest Great Whites and showcased at Seal Island attacks are on the rise and in 2013 a tourist boat capsized, the bodies were never recovered and tales of the largest shark in existence being the culprit has been all over the news but the government denies it to avoid panic. Like with any tale, there are the believers and the skeptics about this large shark specie known as Megalodon,  and this particular individual called Submarine known the be up to 20 meters long and that  inhabits the deep oceans. Megalodon is on TV as we speak because Shark Week is about to start next week in Discovery Channel and more evidence will be presented. There have been some sightings and there is some footage about this but it has not been fully proven in the same fashion as the theories on the mermaids, descendants from humans that are supposed to live in the oceans deep. We are nothing in galaxy years as I have said on another post, and it is very possible that a specie between Homu Erectus over a million years ago and Homu Sapiens back 200,000 years back could have adapted to underwater life in the oceans.

mermaidsIf you consider that the ocean floor lies at its deepest point at 11,000 meters deep in the Mariana Trench, and that less than 5% of our oceans have been explored, anything is possible really- not many species live at this depth- but imagine how much water volume there is to conceal wild life still unknown to us. Not until recently, that the large squid from the deeps was still a myth and now is documented on film thanks to Japanese scientist Tsunemi Kubodera that had been on the chase for years. These monster is up to thirteen meters long.    

squidI am not endorsing any of these theories and everyone has an opinion, but I do believe that these species could exist, in the same way that there might be extraterrestrial life out there. There is no reason not to. Just think that not so long ago, humans thought that the earth was flat and if you kept sailing the ocean you would plunder into oblivion once you reached the horizon.  This was only 700 years ago.

“It is us humans that are entering the sea world which is not our natural habitat”