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The Peruvian Moche culture has diverse evidence of wave riding during its existence between 100AD and 700AD, but because of additional evidence found in the northern Peruvian site, wave riding has been a regular practice since much earlier. There is evidence that dates back to 3,500 years ago. This is outstanding if you consider the creativity these people had to navigate the breakers of the Huanchaco beaches not only as a means of subsistence but recreational as well.

caballitoThere is current debate to who rode waves first, the Polynesians or the early Peruvians. It is still subject of controversy, but Peruvian scholars keep finding evidence and are determine to prove that the Moche ancestors were the first civilizations to surf the waves. Some like to state that, the early Moche rode waves in rudimentary crafts and the Caballito de Totora-Little Reed Horses- and that the Polynesians were the first to surf on a wooden plank standing up.

Many Peruvian surfers, and some scholars, claim that wave riding in Peru goes back more than 5,000 years. Gabriel Prieto, of Yale University’s Anthropology Department, is somewhat wary of this claim, though the Huanchaco-born archaeologist has uncovered carbon-dated evidence that wave riding has existed in northern Peru for at least 3,500 years, long before even the Moche and Chimú. Any which way, both civilizations get credit for being the first in the Globe to be the precursors of this fascinating practice, now sport. Maybe, with the current research, in the not too distant future more evidence will come to light and will confirm current theories.

“First on Waves”, just like the Wright Brothers, “First in Flight” of 1903 in the soft coastal dunes of Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina-“Pioneers”. Both activities have come a long ways. Surfing today has evolved thanks to amazing technology that has contributed to the sports development in terms of power and acrobatics- Aerials- and of riding giant waves assisted by a motor water craft- Tow Surfing. Showcasing here what power surfing and aerials are to what surfing is today, Jordy Smith of Republic of South Africa, #18 of 45 in the World Tour, surfing in California last winter. Riding the giant waves of Nazare, Portugal, Pioneer Garrett McNamara. Not only the surf lineup has male testosterone presence, but beauty, grace and power is also present- girls are shredding.

nazareIn Aviation, from that first flight in a rudimentary craft, we are on the verge of having commercial flights to space-$250,000 a pop- thanks to a few entrepreneurs that are developing the technology, and on the other hand we are travelling further and further away from Earth in planetary exploration and seeking new civilizations. The future holds fascinating stuff.first flight


“Human kind creativity and innovation has no limits really”