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droneThe agreement between Turkey and the US to allow the use of the two bases in Turkey for the US fighter planes is most likely the beginning of a new era and a game changer in the fight against ISIS. This agreement was reached after Turkey recently suffered first hand violent attacks in its territory and decided to join the fight against the terrorists groups that are threatening to spill into their territory from south of the border. After feeling the heat of violence they are ready to actively confront the regional threats and this barbaric trend of the extremist groups.

ISIS has expanded in the last few years like a cancer and so far has had much success regardless of some recent defeats. But the reality is that this extremist organization is led by professional and well trained people that their goals are to expand and govern states around the world-see attached article and map. This threat has to be dealt with and more sooner than later because of its rapid expansion.

In this week’s news, the country of Syria is already facing a facto partition; it took less than a week to see the impact of the Turkish-US agreement. It is for sure a game changer as I mentioned earlier. The ideal scenario is to rid Syria of Assad and stabilize the country after his fall but this will be once again a challenging task. First, to tumble him and second, if this happens, the power vacuum that is left behind as we’ve seen on other countries once the dictator falls will create immense chaos, but still a better situation than having him in power along with ISIS and other groups all fighting each other. The Turks are not fond of Assad either and once he falls it would be much easier to go after ISIS. In the meantime the plan is going after ISIS through Turkey and figuring out what to do later once the region starts to stabilize in Syria and Iraq.

jetturkeyAlong with the bombings, intelligence will be the most important area to develop to minimize loss of coalition troops. Like in business, Location, Location, Location; in this warfare Intelligence, Intelligence, Intelligence, will be the way to go- obtain it with cash- to eliminate ISIS leaders and disrupt their operations with precise bombings and eliminating terrorist rats hiding in their holes, while minimizing civilian casualties as much as possible. This, complemented with special operations assaults to seal the deal, and slowly but surely the tide can be reversed even if it takes years but the civilized world has to be in the offensive-this problem is not going away. Unfortunately, according to the US department of defense, the recent trained forces that are being sent to Syria are not responding as planned, but they are getting better and larger in number and in the long run they will have an impact along with the other tactics.

It will be interesting to see now that changes are happening fast with this deal, how will the recent nuclear treaty with Iran will unfold. Iran is a provider for Assad and an ally to keep him in power. There is a conflict of interest here. Most likely Assad will be able to secure part of Syria for himself, cronies, and followers but is already losing some of its territory and new states may arise. I am completely amazed to the extent that Assad can go to remain in power regardless of human life, destruction of his own country, selfishness and stubbornness. The territories that he is losing are purposely being bombarded to annihilation so the people left behind won’t be able to survive in the ruins. This guy is now part of history as an evil individual and will rot in hell for his sins along others, for his crimes to humanity. Russia is also a supporter of Assad and Iranian ally, so will be interesting to see what happens next.

Four million Syrian refugees have fled the country and eight million people have been displaced within the country. This is a situation of unprecedented proportions and one that will take decades to sort out. Among all this suffering, two good Turkish people shared their fortune with some of these poor souls.

“The good will always prevail over the evil”