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Source: NOAA

Source: NOAA

Is the Niño Godzilla going to make its appearance this year? Apparently yes, the question is how strong it is going to be. The world’s climate is out of whack. Every day we are witnessing strong and cataclysmic events that were only known to have happened in the distant past. Looks like we are into the hot and drought and/or flush floods age-global warming- and this change is bringing major disruption to the planet’s climate and ecosystems.

godzillasfThe El Niño phenomenon is happening once again and for a while there’s been much speculation on its probable strength, but more recently as its presence is more than evident, the Niño has been named Godzilla for its magnitude.  The name “El Niño” originates because this phenomenon usually appears towards the end of the year and used to coincide with Christmas time and the arrival of Jesus Christ. This name originates in South America from the impact of coastal currents in Peru and Ecuador.

A couple of days ago, the largest hurricane ever recorded in the eastern pacific struck Mexico on Friday night, it went from a tropical storm on Thursday to a Cat 5 by Friday evening in a few hours. Fortunately, it mellowed down as it made land fall thus minimizing destruction as of Saturday morning.  This last summer has been one of many tropical storms and hurricanes in the eastern pacific something that only occurs every so many decades and one that is definitely related to el Niño. The waters around the equator are extremely warm as one can notice from the above map and the entire planets weather is altered. I reside in the Bay Area of Northern California and this last summer has seen plenty of beach days to the delight of beach goers. The usual foggy conditions did not occur regularly and the sun shined almost every week end at the coast with warm waters.

Because of these warm waters, the warmest I have ever felt in San Francisco since I moved to the Bay Area in 2001, have altered marine wildlife into different patterns. This last week a Great White shark was filmed feeding of a seal next to Alcatraz Island inside the San Francisco bay for the first time, in the same are that five days later a swimming completion was to take place-sketchy- and one distance that the prisoners like Al Capone and Machine Gun Kelly residents of Alcatraz when it was a prison would have loved to cover to make an escape run only 1.5 miles distance to the mainland.  In addition, increased shark attacks in the Hawaiian Islands and in the Eastern seaboard of the US this last summer. Sharks showing up in areas remote to their usual waters such as in Arica, Chile last week and cold water species disappearing and being replaced by tropical marine wildlife.

minigodzillaThis El Niño event, which has been under observation for months now, still poises the question: How strong is it going to unfold? Scientists and weather people still don’t make the final verdict because it is too hard to predict. Let’s just hope that Mini Godzilla is the one that shows up and not angry Mama Godzilla, which could unleash massive destruction around the globe in the months to come.

Preparation is key in the next few months.






Diario Correo, Lima Peru