Peru’s unique scenery!


DSC_0653 Camp on the second evening after crossing over the Punta Union Pass

The heavens have opened all forms of wet precipitation as we stumble and fumble our way up slick rocks toward the Punta Union Pass at 14,599 feet. Rain turns to sleet, sleet turns to hail, hail turns to a soft snow and within a minute the sun is poking through the clouds.

Welcome to the most beautiful mountain range in the world, the Cordillera Blanca in Huascarán National Park viewed along the Santa Cruz trail. The Santa Cruz is a 50km (31 mile) ancient Inca road system cutting through valleys, passing numerous waterfalls and glacier runoff streams while surrounded by the highest tropical mountain range in the world.

For an unguided trip through this paradise, we’ve provided detailed information at the bottom of the post including gear rental, transportation and trail navigation.

DSC_0468 Entering the Huaripampa Valley from Vaqueria

DSC_0493 Walking through a…

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