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It seems to me that the world powers have double agendas and speeches because nothing seems to be improving in the last few years in world relations. We are witnessing total chaos and selfish diplomatic relations where no one wants to give and are more focused on the gains- and the ones making the most of it is Daesh and other radical groups amongst all this turmoil.

I have always thought that most humans are greedy and selfish by nature and it runs in our DNA. Since the day of the cave man we always needed more food and shelter for our families than our neighbor and more recently more territory and resources for our countries. Nothing has changed, and as a consequence, what is going on with the terror attacks and threats is really alarming and frightening. I grew up in Peru in the 80’s and early 90’s and know the feeling of constant terror and intimidation as we had with the Shining Path and the MRTA.

As in many science fiction movies about our future in planet Earth, human kind might end up destroying each other for a few oil wells and in the near future for water and food. Human population growth is unsustainable unless there is adequate resource management between countries and a fierce determination to work towards planet unity and sustainability above all.

Events are escalating daily and all of this has already impacted the world as we knew it. Financial markets, travel, distrust, pandemics, fear, and instability looms our near future. We better be prepared and hope that rationale prevails over greed and control, for our own sake.

Let’s pray for peace and unity