3 thoughts on “About”

  1. I appreciate your deeply thoughtful blog, and the work that goes into each post. Thank you for following mine.


    • Likewise Michael. Thank you for sharing great wisdom in your posts. Really enjoy them.


    • Michael, since your expertise is shamanism and healing, I wanted to comment to you that I am very intrigued with the treatment that some of our Vets are seeking in the Peruvian amazon with Ayahuasca. I have seen that most of them are making improvement and are going back repeatedly to treat their PTSD. It seems to be working. I have been thinking of increasing my research on this, in part because I am from Lima, Peru and used to travel to the rain forest extensively because I was in the Plywood industry and am familiar with the treatment. In addition, I am very interested with everything that has to do with helping our Vets after they come back from the battle fields. I don’t know if you have looked this in your work?


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